Myers Bee Relaxed Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 229.95

Approved by the National Bed Federation and made right here in the UK this advanced memory foam mattress offers you maximum support using the very latest products The soft knitted top cover is breathable which helps to keep you cooler and more comfortable all night longMemory foam designed by NASAIf its good enough for NASA its good enough for us Memory foam is one of the best inventions to come out of the space programme and today the best beds all make use of this dense foam that springs back to its original shape every time This luxury mattress combines it with a second deeper layer of SuperFlex support foam for an even more comfortable nights sleepSingle sided so no need to turnThe ritual of turning the mattress every few months is a pain in the back sometimes literally The Bee Relaxed Mattress is a singlesided mattress so theres no need to turn or flip Its also much more lightweight than the average sprung mattress so if you need to lift it to tuck those sheets in or to rotate it headtotoe occasionally its much easierTuck and roll easy deliveryThe Bee Relaxed memory foam mattress comes vacuumpacked and rolled up so its easy for just one person to get it upstairs and into the bedroom without trying to heave a huge double mattress around that bend in the staircase Once youve got it into the bedroom simply unbox it take off the vacuum packaging and let it unroll Leave for up to 48 hours and its ready to use with no compromise on firmnessThe firmness rating of 5 makes this an ideal choice for those who want maximum support but with no reduction on comfort The memory foam and second layer of SuperFlex Support foam provide you with plenty of support at those key points on the shoulders hips and lower back keeping your spine in the neutral position and relieving any pressure