Shire Orchid Memory Mattress - Small Double (4' x 6'3")

£ 159.95

The Orchid is the ultimate mattress that brings together those all essential qualities of firmness support quality durability and all at our low price promiseThe Orchid mattress from Shire is a Yorkshire made piece of incredible sleep engineering This mattress has a 125g spring unit and a depth of 19cm which means that this mattress leans towards a firmer support level but with enough softness to adapt for two people sharing The springs give the perfect level of support for anyone with back issues or needing orthopaedic help from their mattress Who doesnt need a little extra help now and againThe memory foam layer allows you the freedom away from the choice between coil or foam The foam layer works in perfect partnership with the springs providing a density to the system that contours specifically to your shape The foam layer also eases your pressure points and offers you a sculpted form that gives you the best nights sleep possibleBy bringing cotton into the duo pads and an additional polyester layer the Orchid mattress design manages airflow and moisture These layers ensure that humidity has no effect on your sleep and that warm air is retained in colder weather keeping you cosy all winter long The stretch knit cover gives you a durable topper while ensuring stability and comfort all through the night All of this while saving you money is there anything more you could ask for from a mattress Comfort support durability and an excellent price wow