Slumberland Comfort Pure Memory 1400 Mattress - Small Double (4' x 6'3")

£ 414.95

Memory foam is often seen as the pinnacle of bedtime technologies The soft and supportive foam actually based on NASA technology gives some of the best support for the neck and spine However it can be very warm as by its very nature it traps body heat making it potentially uncomfortable on hot nightsThe Comfort Pure Memory 1400 combats this common issue with carefully engineered perforations which run right through the memory foam without negatively affecting the support mechanism This allows air to circulate naturally around the body helping you to stay cool and comfortable all night longAs well as the superb support from the layers of memory foam this mattress boasts a 1400 Posturepocket system of springs which boosts the effectiveness of the memory foam support plus helps stiffen the edges of the mattress to prevent sagging You can further prolong the life of your mattress by occasionally rotating it no need to turnBuy your mattress from a company with a hundred years worth of bedtime experience and the reassurance that comes from buying a product thats handmade in the UK