Silentnight Aspen Miracoil Geltex Pillowtop Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 409.95

The technology in modern mattresses is always improving and the Miracoil Geltex Pillowtop from Silentnight is a classic example Hand made in the UK you will love the amazing bounce back sensation it delivers when you sleep This allows it to respond actively to your body and give it all the support it needs In the morning you will wake up feeling fully refreshed and energisedSleeping well at night is about being the right temperature and the 4cm Geltex layer inside this mattress certainly helps The open cell structure gives the mattress fantastic breathability which in turn helps to create a cooler sleeping environment This means your body can regulate its temperature much better when youre asleep and you will therefore have a better rest As well as this you will love how flexible this mattress is and how it moves with you at night to spread your weight evenly This also allows pressure spots to be avoided and helps to reduce any aches or pains you may usually getThe exclusive Miracoil system offers unrivalled support and helps reduce the rolltogether effect some couples may otherwise experience This makes for less disturbance when asleep from your partner rolling into you With the zoned design offering perfect spinal alignment and firmer support this is a great allround family mattress