LIM Tabac - aluminium external doors

£ 1 815.00

Size door with frame:
Width from: 1000mm to 1300mm
Height from: 2000mm to 2400mm

The THERMO-ALU INOX series is a product with an increased thermal insulation (Ud = 0.8W/(m2*K). It is based on ALUPROF MB-86 PASSIVE systems with side panels.

The characteristic feature of this series is the use of applications made of stainless steel which are highly resistant to weather conditions.

The door width and height can be extended with the help of additional side panels and upper transoms. Those can be made in plain glass, with a decor-matt or simply frosted glass with a pattern matching the pattern of the door leaf.

The multi-point lock FUHR is used for locking. It has many locking and control configurations.
Hinges: the choice of wing or roller hinges (WALA) and concealed hinges (AXXENT).
Glazing in the door leaf: Four-pane glass of Ug = 0,5 W/(m2*K).
Thickness of polyurethane foam in the leaf: 76 mm.

Additional options to increase the burglary resistance of the door:
- 6D-C class inserts,
- anti-burglary protection of hinges,
- the P4 class of the glass.

The door set includes:

- Aluminium door and the door frame;
- the GreenteQ door handle made of stainless steel;
- 3-part roller hinges in the same color as the door;
- 3-point automatic FUHR 833 espagnolette lock;
- Master-Carre ornamental glass that is installed in the glazing;
- Standard lock insert with 3 keys.

We provide the installation of our front door in England. Installation costs extra and depends on the type of door.